Vice Rector Kong Fanqing

Since January 2015, Professor Kong Fanqing has served as Vice Rector of City University of Macao.

Before working at CityU, Professor Kong was Office Director of Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Office Director of Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Vice President of Beijing Language and Culture University, Executive Director of Language and Culture Research Center of Macao and Director of Academic Development and Arbitration Committee in Macao Polytechnic Institute, Vice Rector and Rector Advisor of University of Saint Joseph, Vice Chairman of Western Returned Scholars Association Latin America Branch. She was once awarded the International Education Award presented by the famous Japanese educator Daisaku Ikeda, the title of "Honorary Professor" granted by Argentina John F. Kennedy University.

Professor Kong has rich education background and scientific achievements. After graduating from Beijing International Studies University as a Spanish major, she studied Latino history in Mexico. The fields she researched include Chinese for foreigners, educational administration. She once participated in the planning and compilation of the large series of foreign students-targeted Chinese textbooks "Chinese for Today", which is an important project of the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), edited Research on Student Work under the Multi-cultural Background, China's Peaceful Development: Opportunities and Challenges as the editor-in-chief, and participated in the compilation of the Chinese-Spanish Classified Dictionary. She successively published tens of academic papers on China Higher Education, China Higher Education Research, and other periodicals. In 2000, her paper The Basic Quality of University Students gained third prize as an excellent paper published by a university leader in Beijing.

Professor Kong has made great contribution to the external promotion of standard spoken Chinese and the spreading of the Chinese language. In the early 1990s, Professor Kong participated in the Chinese language training for Macao civil servants during the transitional period of return. After that, she took charge of standard spoken Chinese training for Macao servants for a long term. During that period, she also planned and compiled the Mandarin Chinese Textbook for students in Hong Kong and Macao. In 2004, at the invitation of Chilean Ministry of Education, dispatched by the Chinese Ministry of Education, she went to Chile to compile the teaching plan and outline for Chinese language teaching suitable for the country, which was highly appraised by the Chilean Ministry of Education. In 2006, Professor Kong Went to Macao to be engaged in the teaching and management for higher education. Till now, she is still devoting herself to the development of Macao's higher education.

She believes that, City University of Macau which always pursues excellence will not only inherit the cultural vein of high education in Macao, but also seize the historical opportunity for the higher education development and stick to the social and economic development need of the Macao SAR, so as to become a high-quality, characteristic institution of higher education rooted in Macao with pursuit of excellence and an international vision, and carry the high expectations and trust given by the country and the Macao society.

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