Professor (Digital Humanities) – Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

Ref. No: #21222-FHSS07


The City University of Macau is now inviting applications for the following positions:

  • Professor in Digital Humanities


City University of Macau is a private but not-for-profit institution. As a comprehensive university in Macau, the University offers an array of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs as well as professional courses. It is dedicated to academic excellence and strives to provide students with a rich learning experience that will open their door to the international scene through its continuous expansion of global partnerships. The University upholds its mission to nurture outstanding talents and deliver applicable programs that will serve the evolving needs of Macau and the wider region.


Job Description

Candidates are expected to lead and contribute significantly to the faculty strategic planning and program development. Successful candidates will be responsible for duties including: (i) leading the research and teaching strategies of Digital Humanities; (ii) conducting research projects and publishing in the expertise fields; (iii) leading and developing research publications and organizing conferences across relevant disciplines in the faculty and university; (iv) teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; (v) supervision and coordination of student’s professional practice and dissertations/theses in the relevant fields;


We are looking for leading academics with at least two areas of the following aspects of Digital Humanities:

Digital Humanities/Digital Heritage: including Web and Social Media - Theory and practice; Digital Digitisation, Documentation, Management; Culture and Technology; Media and Communications; Interactive Media, Multimedia; Programming and Scripting; Art, Architecture and Creative Designs; Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/interactive 3D; Research Methods and Communications; Data Analytics, Data Science subjects; Agent-based modelling and complex systems simulation – modelling population.

Job Qualifications

  • a PhD degree in the relevant areas in relation to digital humanities;
  • evidence of doctoral supervision to completion;
  • an outstanding record of international stature in research and teaching related to Digital Humanities/Digital Heritage.
  • evidence of experience of development and use of digital technologies on cultural heritage sites, and within the GLAM sector;
  • an interdisciplinary background and experience that traverses both the Science and Engineering, and humanities and social sciences;
  • ability to apply the languages that are core within each discipline, including that of the digital, technical and creative cultural industry;
  • in-depth knowledge and experience of state-of-the-art production and development environments within the creative/digital technology sphere, i.e., AI, Big Data, Blockchain technologies, VR, AR, Web and 3D technologies;
  • strong publication records and trajectory in the candidate’s area of expertise
  • experienced and evidence of leadership, e.g. in journals, international-level conferences, etc.
  • excellent teaching records, possessing the capacity to create programmes and courses that are innovative, attractive, and that meet students and employability demands globally;
  • evidence for supervising doctoral degree students to completion;
  • experience in the directorship of research centres/groups at the institutional level;
  • ability to communicate competently in English and Chinese
  • Macau residents will be particularly considered in selection.



The remuneration and appointment rank offered will be competitive and commensurate with the successful applicants’ academic qualifications, current position and professional experience. The compensation/benefits are competitive. The current local maximum income tax rate in Macao is 12% but is effectively around 5% - 7% after various discretionary exemptions.


Application/Nomination Procedures

Applicants should visit/en/category/job-vacancy/teaching-en/ for more details, and may apply via the link The above position will remain open until filled.

Review of applications and nominations will commence immediately. Applicants may consider their applications unsuccessful if they were not invited for an interview within 3 months of submission. The successful candidate is expected to assume the position inDecember 2021/August2022.

Informal enquiries please send to Professor Lixian Jin, Dean of FHSS, or to Professor Wang Zhong, Associate Dean of FHSS, For other enquiries, please send to

**Personal data provided by applicants will be kept confidential and used for recruitment purpose only.**

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